Isomalt 1 kg

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Isomalt is a sugar substitute perfect for caramel work. As it requires a relatively low working temperature and is extremely pliable, it is very easy to use. It absorbs very little humidity from the air, so decorations made with Isomalt have an extended shelf-life and do not melt as easily as sugar decorations. COOKING INSTRUCTIONS FOR Isomalt-based caramel Ingredients: 1 kg Isomalt 200 ml water 10 drops of tartaric acid artificial colorings Cooking instructions: Boil Isomalt mixed with water in a Teflon saucepan. When it reaches 110° C, add 10 drops of tartaric acid and colorings. Stop cooking when the mixture reaches 180° C. After it cools a bit, pour the caramel onto a silicon mat.