Edible ink for printers

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Edible ink for printers Series . Among others for Canon IP4850, MG 5250, MG5150  and newer models

Photo-cakes, i.e. cakes with edible photos on the top, have become extremely popular and are produced for practically all occasions. Photo-cakes are made by placing on cake tops edible photos printed on a wafer or sugar paper with the use of printer fed with edible colours. This technique has turned out to be a splendid decoration technology for celebration cakes, cakes for kids with fairy tale figures and company cakes with logos for business events.


Edible food inks for printers should be bought from well known sources only!



We would like to warn you against buying edible inks from casual computer companies or on the Internet.
Computer companies as companies from outside the food industry do not provide their inks with Food Safety Certificates and do not observe the foodstuff quality control procedures, what may put you in an disadvantageous position in case of control of the State Sanitary Inspection.


Edible inks for certain Canon printer models:

Please inquire about the latest models the edible inks are available for.



Edible inks with chips

Edible inks with pre-installed electronic chips are already available for sale. It is no longer required to shift chips from office cartridges.