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English Charm - metal support system SMAO 150

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 English Charm - metal support system
Concealed support system for tiered cakes

part of system - round plate 15 cm plus 4 dowels height 7cm 

English-style cakes are often ordered as tiered cakes. Assembling three tiers without an adequate support system is very difficult. Hence the need for an inbuilt support system, which is not visible after the whole cake is assembled. The system is composed of metal plates, dowel rods and base plate feet.


Assembly method: insert the dowels into the lower tier cake all the way down till they are completely hidden and connect with the lower tier bottom and until the separator plate fully rests on the tier surface. Put another tier on this immobilised plate to cover it. See included photos.


English Charm - metal support system
Concealed support system for tiered cakes

Different shapes of plates

Four plate shapes are available: round, square, oval and heart, enabling different options of configuring a tiered cake.

Different lengths of dowels

Four lengths of dowels are available: 7, 9, 12 and 12 with pillars, enabling different cake heights and configurations.

A sturdy and stable solution

English Charm support system provides very solid and stable vertical support. However, in the case of tall tiered cakes, their structure and texture should be carefully adjusted to guarantee horizontal stability.