Wafer paper - pop (thick) POP

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The most popular edible paper mostly used for making cakes based on vegetable cremes and cream. The thin wafer paper is put directly onto the cake. The wafer, absorbing humidity from its base will soften and become one with the cake. It is quite normal to observe a slight wrinkling of the paper when just applied on the creme, which should disappear. Due to its high flexibility the thin wafer paper it is commonly used for First Communion cakes in the Open Book shape.

Photo-cakes, i.e. cakes with edible photos on top, have been extremely popular and produced for practically all occasions. Photo-cakes are made by placing on cake tops edible photos printed on wafer paper with the use of an edible photo printer. Thick wafer paper (DD) is perfect for making crème photo cakes.Price per package containing 50 pcs.