Website of PAN Centre for Sweet Decoration.

Welcome to the official e-shop of the PAN Sweet Decoration Center company.

The PAN Sweet Decoration Center company started operations in 1998.

It offers high-quality confectionery decorations, semi-finished products, equipment,

technology and knowledge for modern confectionery decorating shops in the whole of Europe.

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Company name - PAN Centrum Slodkiej Dekoracji

Address - Kolejowa 57 , 60-715 Poznan, Poland

VAT id no PL7772306381

phone +48 61 661 36 36

fax +48 61 661 42 70



Owner of the shop is PAN Centrum Slodkiej Dekoracji sp. z o.o., ul.Kolejowa 57, 60-715 Poznan, Poland VAT id no PL7772306381 Regon 631232621 Additional data in accordance with the act of 18.10.2006: KRS0000117546 Sad Rejonowy w Poznaniu XXI Wydz. Gospodarczy KRS Kapital zakladowy 50.000


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